camping on my mind

With Memorial Day around the corner, that means only one thing: camping! We will camp in any weather, but it’s especially wonderful when the weather is warm and we can go on long hikes, discover private swimming holes and of course, cook outside. We camped nearly every weekend when we were living in San Francisco, and one thing I learned from camping out there was make your reservations early. There’s no such thing as a spontaneous road / camping trip in SF – at least not to the coveted camping spots. We’re talking six months to the date at exactly 10am or you will have to wait another year to get your campsite. Summer camping in the DC area is a little different. There’s definitely planning and advance reserving involved (as we discovered when trying to book summer camping last year), but it seems just a tiny bit more relaxed. I’m really looking forward to camping near secluded (hopefully warm) beaches this year – something you don’t quite get to experience on the Pacific Coast.


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