C2C ’05

The cliff notes version of C2C went as follows:

Thursday (San Francisco, CA – Coast 1)- my bday
-dressed up as hipsters
-had friends embarrass me with a dvd they made of me
-got wasted
-danced w/a youngin’ who thought it was my 21st bday
-made out with said youngin
-went home and watched the dvd about 25 times w/christine while drunk
-received beeest give – ipod nano

Friday (NYC – Coast 2)
– woke up drunk
– packed
– left for nyc; hungover on the plane
– finally felt ok by 9pm
– met up w/sis and Moonshine (LB2 flaked and will now be referred to as LF – Little Flake)
– ate dinner at 1:30am
– anticipated going to a lounge for a chill night…ended up at a huge dance club
– got mistaken for shannon doherty by bouncer – he asked for my autograph all night long
– kissed some random guy
– danced til 530-6am
– yelled “DO YOU WANT IT” really loud, answered with, “WE FUCKING WANT IT”

– woke up at 1pm.
– Went back to sleep for an hr
– woke up at 2pm
– watched Texas win the Big 12 Championship with a score of 70-3
– Finally left hotel at 4pm
– Ate the best soup dumplings in the world (according to our new friend, Jimmy)
– Went shopping in chinatown/soho/nolita
– Tried to find this place called “chickalicious”
– Ended up at Milkshake Co eating waffle ice cream sammiches
– Went back to hotel, took naps
– Woke up got ready
– Went out to club
– Met a guy who kept trying to hold my hand, and who kept saying over and over and over and over how hot I was, etc
– Guy forgets name but still tries to kiss me. I squirm away.
– we are saved by another group of guys (3 in total–all about 24 or so…who thought we were 21-22) who we do cowboy shots with (whiskey shot w/PBR chaser)
– We make out with the guys
– We leave club and it begins to snow
– snowball fight with our boys and other random boys in street.
– 3 boys come back to our place
– Party until 7am

– Say goodbye to boys early – we spend rest of time packing and getting ready to check out by noon
– Eat soup — but way too fucked up to eat
– Go to Rockefeller Center. No longer have interest in ice skating.
– Go shopping instead
– Meet up w/Moonshine and hang for rest of day
– Eat ice cream at FAO Schwartz
– Say goodbye to sis and Moonshine
– Walk around Chinatown etc for our farewell tour
– Fly home

It was perhaps the best weekend of my life. Definitely the best birthday.
What happened at C2C…stays at C2C

God, we are so BACK.

more to come later…

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