C and DX do Tahoe…again…

C and I went to Tahoe this weekend. Our mission was to relax — no pressure to do anything or be anywhere or wake up early. We also had an agenda – go out and party at least once. Usually we are exhausted from snowboarding/getting up early, that we never get a chance to do anything but board.

What is it about a motel in another town that feels so damn relaxing?

Our lodge was right next to Lake Tahoe. We had a perfect location – on the border of Nevada and California. A lil’ bit of nature and a lil’ bit of casinos – best of both worlds. This is the lake when we first arrived – I wish I could have caputured how the water was shimmering due to the moonlight.

We got a late start the next day, after partying all night and going to bed boozy. It was such an amazing day.

Breakfast at this swiss-styled restaraunt called Heidi’s. I love any restaurant with a Swiss theme. I have no idea why. We had biscuits with gravy, eggs, waffles, toast, sausage and oranges. We didn’t ask for the oranges. Weird they gave us a whole one.

The drive back to San Francisco. The sky is always so amazing, but this time, it looks as if its on fire.

C and I were going nuts over the sky. I took like 900 pictures.

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