boys + shoes

I went to this total SF-type-local-granola-sports store called Sports Basement, today. Unlike the rest of the city, it is probably the only place I have seen decent looking tall outdoorsy types. In other words, it’s like an oasis in a desert.

I went with the goal of finding some snow boots (my most recent obsession). As I walked in (sidenote–i was dressed like a hobo), I noticed this guy kind of stop and stare as I walked by. I glanced in his direction, but figured he was just looking at sunglasses or something in the store. Oddly enough, there were a pair of boots there that I had been eying since the beginning of winter, so I stopped to try them on. Who should approach me, but the guy who I caught staring at me earlier.

Um. Turns out he worked there. But aside from that (and the fact that he was probably at least 5 yrs younger) I will say that he was *kind of* cute. Tall, dark haired, dark eyes, really nice smile, and ok, very crunchy-granola. But cute. Main thing is cute.

He started talking to me with typical small talk retail hows it going stuff. I looked up. Our eyes met. We both kinda smiled at each other. Then he asked me if I was looking for winter boots. Sensing that this small talk could segue into real conversation, I completely freaked out. I took the boots (the ones i really liked) I was looking at, stuffed them back in the box, and lied and said that I wasn’t looking for anything really. Then I scurried off like a scared little rabbit.

I roamed around the store looking at various other crap, and then, quite some time later, after I had decided to buy some yoga pants, then decided not to, then decided to buy a hoodie, then decided not to, I finally decided to save my money and leave. Just as I was leaving, who should approach me but my sports guy. Sports guy said, “so after all that and you’re leaving empty-handed huh?” I stopped in my tracks. Shit, had he been watching me this whole time? Because…embarrassing.

Again, more small talk. And then I wanted to run away again bc I started to get all deer-in-headlights scared again. I forced myself to stay put and keep talking. It lasted a little longer than before, but then there was this moment of awkward silence where we both kind of stared at each other like this:

Sport Guy: “blah blah blah blah blah small talk”
Me: “blah blah blah nervous laughter tucking hair behind ears trying not to run away blah blah”
Sport Guy: “blah blah smiley blah blah trying to make the convo drag on”
Me: “blah blah trying to think of something clever to say”
Sport Guy: “Soooo…(insert long awkward pause)
Me: “Um, so, okay.”

(—-long pause where we stared at each other for what seemed like 30 minutes but was probably more like 3 seconds—-)

Me: “Alright well…um…later.”
Sport Guy: “Take it easy.”

I don’t know what is more weird–1. that i found a hippie granola dude cute 2. That we had that awkward conversation or 3. that this happened at all.

I guess what they say about finding something when you’re not looking for it. For example, today’s mission was to find snow boots. I found the boots I thought I wanted, but after trying them on, I realized that they weren’t exactly what I was looking for. So I left.

Later in the day, when I wasn’t even looking, I stumbled across the perfect pair of running shoes–last pair, 1/2 off. I tried them on just for kicks and ended up falling in love. Naturally, I will have to run a few more miles in them to determine if this, in fact, means the end to my search for the perfect running shoes (I’ve gone through at least 7-10 different brands/sizes/types of running shoes and have yet to find one that I’ve absolutely loved), but I think that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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