boys lie

today has been truly bizarre. I’ll try to cut to the chase since its nearing 1am, and Im supposed to be up and running in 6 hrs…

DJ had been hyping up his friend’s party for weeks. I never officially agreed to go, but last friday, when I was having computer problems at work, and left early, he told everyone that I was going to this shindig, and then I sorta had my back against the wall. Since he already had decided for me, and had made plans and all sorts of other effort like arranging how i would get there, etc. i decided to go.

Besides our weird day, we were clicking in a friendy way. We at sushi, laughed a lot, then went into a smoke shop and bought the bulldog a blacklight poster for his bday. More laughing. Trip to Safeway. I bought some appletinis and peanut butter filled pretzels (??) for the party (random). I mean, the way DJ had hyped up everything, I was expecting the party of the century.

It wasnt that it was boring or that i had a terrible time. The friends of DJs that I met, I really like(d). The other people at the party were just, I dunno, they seemed cool, but were just way too rockabilly hipster with cherry and flame tattoos. Lots of Betty Page bangs going on. It was fun to people watch, and had I been there with another person out of her element, it would have been a total blast. But since everyone knew everyone else…except me…and since DJ fucking left me to go look at this weird erotic slideshow thing that was going on in one of the rooms…um yeah…basically that meant I sat on the couch with a girl I had just met, eating aloe jelly shots, and petting a pink dog. Yes, this all happened. You cannot make this stuff up.

Before I even officially agreed to go, I had told DJ that my ONEcondition was that I had to be back somewhat early b/c I wanted to run in the morning. He KNOWS I run every saturday. He KNOWS I run early. And the fact that I told him specifically in relation to this party, should further emphasize the point. What do you think happened?

He got drunk. I took a taxi home at midnight.

I was fucking pissed. He kept saying sorry, but sorrys are so meaningless. Oops, sorry I didn’t mean to knock over your water as I was reaching for something=acceptable. Oops, sorry, I didn’t know that past midnight was late and that i thought early was 1am (????) even though you told me millions of times that you get up at 7am, and by the way, oops, sorry for leaving you all alone to eat cracker jack and oriental snack mix even though we talk endlessly about social awkwardness and even though you dont know anybody there but me. And oops sorry that I told you that if you came to this party, you wouldnt have to worry about a thing b/c id drive you and you wouldnt have to worry about parking b/c it would all be taken care of and ill get you home early so you can run, but I drank too much and so now youll have to spend another $15 bucks to get home. Oops. sorry.


I told him straight up that I was pissed. That he was inconsiderate. And that I did not appreciate it.

And I said that this was probably the last party that he invited me to, that I would attend.

I really just cannot deal with flaky people.

Its ironic b/c we were joking today about how our mgr had a 1×1 with him one day, and then somehow asked him if we were dating. DJ was like, “uhhh noooooo” but our mgr didnt believe him. Finally, after about 15 minutes, she asked, “but WERE you ever dating.” We had fun laughing about this b/c we are really not at all flirty so we cannot figure out what is giving people this idea. Its ironic b/c in the eyes of our mgr/coworkers, we apparently have dated and broken up and are apparently now back to dating. Well, after this party, I think its safe to say we are now back to being “broken up.”

The only good thing is that when DJ is drunk, he has a blabber mouth, so he basically just fed my ego all night about how the guys at the office thought I was so hot (???????) when i first started there. Notice, I said “FIRST” started. B/c thats when i actually brushed my hair and looked presentable. Now, its 1 step away from being homeless.

Anyway, Im glad im on photo next week. These boys, DJ included, are driving me up the fucking wall with their stupid boy behavior. Im so over it.

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