boys lie

my coworker Fergie just told me about this jerk-off guy who has been wooing her for over a yr; who met her just a few weeks ago in sundance, who was nervous about meeting her family…turns out the fucker has a wife.

what a fuckwit.

i am using scb’s bday to commemorate “Men Suck day”, b/c they pretty much do. We are having a fabulous time using company hours to discuss how men are all the same–let you go, then want you back. always the same. They tell you all this crap about how much they love you, yet how its impossible for it to work out…and then, in a few weeks time, they end up with some substandard cookie cutter boring girl who they inevitably end up marrying.

“It’s becuase he does not have to be a better person around her,” Fergie said.

Absolutely true. I could not have said it any better.

Living up to high expectations is hard. And lets face it, the hard way is never the path of choice when it comes to men making decisions, now is it?


In other news, my transformation into an asexual she-man, similar to that of my bowl-cut basketball coach in high school, is slowly taking place: I’m actually looking forward to running today. Scary. If its not cats, its gotta be something else…something else to feel that emotional need. Oy. At least I’ll be in good shape?

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