Sly has been in Boston attending an exec program at JFK School of Government at Harvard. Β I didn’t get to visit as much as I wanted mostly because the program kept him
busy with classes etc on nights and weekends. That, and he had to share student housing with a roommate.

I ended up visiting last weekend during Sly’s only free weekend and we pretty much did ate our way around Boston and checked out some of the local sights. My favorite memory of Boston was sitting by a tree at the Public Gardens on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, watching and feeding the squirrels apples. That, and the cannolis were pretty darn good too.

I used to be really good about making videos of our trips, or just making videos in general. This year, I told myself I would be better about actually doing *something* with all the photos and videos I took. Crossing this off my New Year’s resolution list… well, at least half-way crossing off. We’ll see how well I can keep this up…

production note: this video was filmed using an app on my android phone called video illusions. I filmed everything with the ‘super 8’ mask, then edited it in Sony Vegas.
Music: Dead Hearts, by Stars, who I just recently discovered (and loved).

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