BLUE RIDGE ROAD TRIP | Wright’s Dairy-Rite

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“Can you just take a normal picture for once?” Answer: Nope.

Vintage vibe? Check.
Awesome old-school signage? Check.
Family owned since 1952? Check.
A real drive-in with a name like “Dairy-Rite”? Check.
Old fashioned hamburgers served in friggin’ wax paper served car-side? Check, check, and check.
Malted shakes? Check.

Excuse me while I squeal with delight. So many favorites in one place in Staunton of all places.

Of course we were gonna go here. And of course we loved it.

Every last delicious bite.


Wright’s Dairy-Rite (check out that awesome commercial on their site) / Inexpensive // Mostly burgers, fries and shakes but they also have healthier options like hummus and fruit // These burgers were similar in style/taste to an In-n-Out burger which, depending on your burger preference, you will either love or hate. We loved. But then even if the burgers were just ok I would have still probably loved this place. Like movie drive-ins, establishments like these are a dying breed, so whenever we find one we have to stop and check it out. We aren’t big meat eaters but when we do eat meat (mostly in the form of burgers, my weakness) we like to make sure its special. To me, places like these are not so much about the food as they are about being able to touch (and taste!) a piece of the past. Highly recommended. TIP: If you don’t want to eat in your car, you can order and sit down inside, or sit outside. There’s also a little grassy hill beside the parking lot where we saw a couple enjoying their food. This looked like a pretty awesome spot too.

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