I haven’t been posting much since ive been occupying my free hours convincing myself to look for a new job. I hate my new boss. She is a complete and utter imbecile, and the entire creative team jokes repeatedly behind her back. She is quite the laughing stock. So far, she hasn’t been psychotic to the level of my ex-boss at my old company, but she definitely seems like she has it in her. Before my real boss left, he told wrote my review and gave me the highest marks possibly. Then he told the head of HR that if something didn’t change with the crazy lady (i.e. my new boss) that a lot of people would be leaving.

At drinks later that night, my boss got my number and said he was gonna make something happen with these guys he knows. He knows at *least* 4 young, allegedly tall, allegedly hot boys. I told him I won’t let him off the hook until I meet at least one.

Evenso, the fact that they live in Alameda is fucking weird. Why would anyone under the age of 40 live in Alemeda?

In a most random turn of events, Spike has been text messaging me again. I thought that was over with, but guess not. Then again, I thought it was over like the day after we met in vegas, but whatever. I can’t say that it wasn’t a welcome surprise. Especially in the midst of all the work drama.

Next week=Valentine’s Day=another reminder that my Dad is not around. He used to always send Valentine’s packages decorated with shiny heart stickers and filled with all sorts of candies. It makes me happy-sad to think of it. Fucking Valentine’s day. Stupid day sucks anyway.

Also next week–going to a snow-covered NYC for a Bachelorette party. I just hope its a fun escape. And ok, I hope I meet at least one cute guy.

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