Today, I got up semi-early to go to a sports stretch class at my gym. The strange thing is that the class consisted of mostly men. Bad though b/c they were all old–like 40+ old.

But guess who I saw there?

Brian Boitano!

except he looked more like

Of all things, Brian fucking Boitano was taking a class with me or rather, I was taking a class w/Brian Boitano. I kept staring at him like crazy while the rest of the class remained oblivious. I should mention that they keep the lights really dim in that class so that everyone is relaxed or something. At first, I thought I was imagining things, but when he spoke, I knew for damn sure it was him. I know its gay to get all worked up over seeing another person, but it was just so surreal to have someone I have watched (and okay, I admit it–loved) since I was 9 or 10 show up to my gym class.

After class, I scurried home to check and see where he lived, and sure enough, he lives in SF.

So weird!

For the record, Brian didn’t like the class too much (maybe b/c someone was subbing for the usual teacher) and left half-way through.

I was so confused/bewildered/excited (?) at having seen brian, that I totally brushed by the 2 hot guys at the front desk. Two! Hot! Guys! And they were tall too. And I didn’t say anything, just stared off into la-la land while one of them attempted to make convo.

Damn you Brian Boitano!

God my life is so weird. One day, I’ll be telling my grandkids a story about the day Brian Boitano interfered w/my dating life. It will end with something like, “so if Brian hadn’t been there that day, and I hadn’t been so obsessed w/the fact that he was in my class, then I wouldn’t have ignored the 2 hot guys standing at the front desk who tried to talk to me…and I wouldn’t have married your grandfather.”

Something like that.

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