birthday updates part 3

Well, lets see…my coworkers took me to fritz for belgian fries and crepes for lunch. It was raining pretty hard and Im wearing a skirt…and bc my boss is not here, I have to go to all her meetings…as we were walking back from the restaurant to take the shuttle, I noticed that our shuttle was slowly departing. At that point, I just booked it, full on sprint in skirt, boots, carrying my umbrella, and waving frantically at the shuttle to stop…and…it rolled away.

But we were able to intercept it a little bit further down the road and get on. Thank god. Made it back just in time for the meeting.

Speaking of this meeting…I had the perfect opportunity to sell out my boss. I mean it was perfectly lined up for me–all I had to do was just take that road…but…I didn’t. I couldn’t. Even after everything it was not in me to sell her out. She may be a cunt, but why should I let her make me one too?

In other news, my assisstant got me these:

along w/some really cute paul frank socks. I could not believe she bought those for me. Especially since I have been talking about them for months now, and lamenting how I regretted not buying them months ago when I first saw them since now is the perfect time for rain boots. If I haven’t said it before…she’s awesome.

Gisele bought me a little sock monkey doll
The bulldog bought me a successory (google it)

and C snuck up to my room last night to give me my gift…except we intercepted each other in the hall and scared each other. She gave me the cutest sock monkey that looks like a very sad string bean. She also gave me…what else…a little tiara…for C2C05!!!!

so far, my boss doesnt expect a thing (both the bulldog and I will be out tomorrow). My other coworker, Miss M, almost blew my cover though when she announced in our meeting, “Happy Birthday girlie!”

Lucky for me, my boss is never here. So she is none the wiser.


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