being john malkovich

you know in that movie–being john malkovich–where whats his face gets off on floor 2 1/2? That is totally our floor. Every floor in our building has beautiful high beamed ceilings, exposed brick walls, a catwalk even. Ours remains cramped and windowless, with recycled air circulating in the tiny space.

The other day, The Bulldog and I went up to the 5th floor. We were astonished by all the greenery, by the natural lighting, and the chair (??) suspended from the ceiling. While the bulldog took in the surroundings, I was noticing a scenery of a different kind: there were actually men up here who were pretty good looking. What was this strange world, 2 floors away, that we had stumbled upon.

In comparison, there are only 3 straight guys on our floor, and they are DJ, the bulldog, and this other guy who i actually find really cute, somewhat hot (his tattoo totally works for him), but has a girlfriend (naturally). Everyone else is, no kidding, legitimately gay.

I locked eyes with this tall guy from the other floor and tried to size him up. It was too weird to smile and say hello, but also familiar in the sense we work for the same company. Its too soon to say if it was just a mirage, or if my mind really just wanted to believe that a tall, attractive guy could exist in the city. In the end, Im sure it doesnt matter either way. Im sure he has a girlfriend too.

At any rate, I need to roam the halls more often. Man, I feel like a teenager at the mall or something, all dressed up and cruising for men.

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