Back to SF | Part 7: A Wedding in the Presidio

April 25, 2015

sf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidio

we all met at my first “real” job in sf — I think it was all of our first jobs — and have been friends ever since.. love these guys.

sf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidiosf // wedding in the presidio

sorry ladies, he’s all mine

sf // wedding in the presidio

Now for the *real* reason we were in SF — one of my friends was getting married!

The wedding ceremony and reception both took place in the Presidio. I know I keep saying this, but the Presidio is yet another one of my favorite places in SF. In fact, we were almost married here before we decided on having our wedding in Texas.

When I was younger I hated going to weddings — I always found them to be so cookie cutter and boring. But now, sometimes weddings are the only chance we get to reunite — and drink — with old friends. Isn’t there a saying about weddings and funerals? So we made the most of what time we had. We hung outside in the Presidio on an uncharacteristically warm SF evening while a pig roasted on a spit. We ate, drank, laughed, reconnected, caught up, rehashed old memories and took lots of silly polaroids. Seeing all my friends again, so many now with kids,  and watching one get married (since this wedding they too have had a kid) just reminded me how much we had all been through together, how much we had grown, how much we shared, and how much I missed them. It had been too long. But then it always seems that way with good friends.


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