aw, shucks

got home late today. My roomie, Jay, was sitting in the living room as usual, watching the tele.
As is our usual routine, we watched whatever show was on and made our peanut gallery comments.

He usually likes to watch movies. I usually like shitty fluff programming. He usually gets suckered into watching stuff like “Dancing with the stars” and “The Bachelor” while he tivos the movies or sports he wants to watch.

Anyway, this one cooking show was over and there wasnt much else on tv. I started messing around w/the tivo to check if anything might have taped while I was away, and noticed a strange program that had been recorded. Since C is out of town, and since Im convinced R doesnt know how to use the tivo, there could only be 2 other people who could have taped such a show. When I read the description, I found that the show in question was one of those standard reality shows where you take a bunch of different people and make them compete for money.

I asked Jay if he knew anything about the program, and he admitted he taped it. I asked him why the hell he would tape a show like that, knowing full well he doesnt choose to watch reality crap unless Im watching it. He said, “I thought it was a show you would like, so I taped it for you.”

What a fucking thoughtful bastard.

I didn’t even get that much (or that little) from any of my exes. Such a simple gesture, but very very thoughtful.

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