Archery + Sushi

SushiWe have been planning and postponing archery lessons for over a month now. I took archery in college and it’s something we have both wanted to do together for years. The classes take place on Fort Belvoir, are really inexpensive, and as we found out, are extremely popular with kids. (Is it because of the Hunger Games?) Even though the website says registration starts at 5:30, by the time we arrived at 5:10, the class was already completely booked.

Instead of class, the hubs gave me a tour of Fort Belvoir (a lot nicer than I had envisioned) and then we ate sushi at Matsui. Back in SF, we had a Monday tradition we cleverly called, “Sushi Mondays.” The idea being that Mondays sucked so much we had to give ourselves something to look forward to at the end of the day. We usually went to our favorite neighborhood place near our house in SF, but we haven’t been able to find something similar since living out here. Matsui was the type of unpretentious yet tasty sushi that you’d hope to find in a neighborhood place. Now only if it were in our neighborhood.

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