April Date Nights (or Days)

It’s been quiet over here, and that has been a good thing, because a lot has been going on, at least inside my own head. We still managed to go on our dates though – both of them day dates.

AwesomeCon 2014Awesomecon 2014

^^More than meets the eye^^

Awesomecon 2014

^^Old Batman and Joker were the best in my opinion. Both were totally in character and hilarious. ^^

Awesomecon 2014

^^Someone didn’t get the memo^^

Awesomecon 2014

^^ She seemed like an awesome lady in real life, which is fitting since her character is the best ^^

Awesomecon 2014


Date #1: Awesomecon

Honestly my level of nerd knowledge is disappointingly and embarrassingly low, but when I randomly discovered an ad for  AwesomeCon one afternoon while riding the metro I thought it would be cool to check out. The details of the date/event are less important than the fact that after creeping around Nicholas Brendan‘s booth for an obsessive amount of time, Sly finally convinced me to take a photo with ‘Xander.” Nerd fact #4521: Buffy is my all-time favorite tv show–I started watching when it first aired in the 90’s and have converted many of my friends into life-long fans, It was a bit surreal to finally meet the person who played Xander after all this time but of course Nicky/Xander was really nice, gave real hugs (I may have hugged him a bit longer than was reasonably normal) and seemed to really enjoy meeting his fans — even creepy touchy feel-y ones like me.

We met up with my sis and her bf and watched the individual Cosplay competition, tried to find a “Brony” (ps, there is a pretty fascinating documentary about this on Netflix right now) t-shirt and people-watched like crazy, because how could you not? And at the end of the evening we attended a Q&A session with Danai Gurira aka Michonne aka the best character besides Daryl from Walking Dead. Our (double) date continued with dinner and drinks at places we randomly found because they were in the neighborhood and we were curious — Silo (recommended) and then even more drinks at Jackpot (low-key, semi-div-y, but cool place for drinks).


Date #2: Archery Lessons

I know, I know, archery is one of those popular things to do now what with Hunger Games being so popular, but waaaaay back in college I took an archery class or two in a non air-conditioned basement of a very old building. I used to be somewhat decent, especially whenever the coach put a dollar bill on the bullseye and said whomever hit it would get a nice cold coke. Summers in Texas are unbearable enough, but imagine shooting a bow and arrow in stuffy basement for an hour a day and you can bet I hit that dollar bill every single time.

In reality, I had no idea if I was good at archery or just extremely motivated so Sly decided that for his planned date day we would take an intro to archery class at Bull Run and re/learn proper technique etc. We had a lot of fun, and guess what? I hit the bullseye again, even without the promise of a cold can of coke. Afterward we had coffee and brunch at our local diner. I think this date day might have to become a regular weekend thing.

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