another wild and crazy friday with two of the worlds’ most exciting people

gramma n grampa

That’s right, Grandma + Grandpa A (us) went nuts again this Friday. Some of our crazier moments included:

  • talking to each other via Skype AND Google hangouts on our phones/tablets (as shown in the horrendous photo above) — Sly was in one room, and I was in another. We were both on the same floor.
  • eating massive trough-sized bowls of salad
  • talking to our kitties in baby voices (a must for any grandma/grandpa duo)
  • making up fake past lives for said kitties (we have concluded that Max was an old soldier-warrior with a heart of gold, Pandora was Marie Antoinette, and Rufus was the court jester)
  • watching one episode of Alphas and then discussing the pros and cons of various super powers, which led to us talking about the new Star Trek. Which means in addition to being two old people, we are also total nerds.
  • spying on the neighbors across the way (ok, that was just me) which isn’t hard to do since we have a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that look cool but offers no privacy.
  • watching the sunset together in the woods out back, which looked like a watercolor painting tonight which segued into us talking about the weather which is a key talking point for two oldies like ourselves.

And then of course there was this (below), which was way more entertaining than it should have been. And yes that is a chubby stuffed koala bear with a yellow bandanna tied around his head. I’m not sure who should be more scared, you or him. By the looks of this photo, I’d say him.


And no, we were not drinking or doing drugs (although imagine how much funnier the koala with bandanna photo would have been if we were).

Just a normal day in the life of Grams and Gramps.

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