anniversary dinneranniversary dinneranniversary dinner
For this year’s anniversary dinner we went Rose’s Luxury, which was rated “No. 1 Best New Restaurant in America 2014” by Bon Appetit.  In other words it was totally “Brunch Village” with line out in front well over an hour before opening. We knew this going in and normally we aren’t cool enough to care about eating somewhere to stand in line longer than 15 minutes, but since this was our anniversary dinner we figured, why not? We arrived just over 1 hr before opening and were at the front of the line. In about 20 minutes the line had doubled. In another 20 we couldn’t even see the end of it. Then people in the front of the line started taking photos of the poor people in the back of the line.

Was it worth waiting in line for an hour? Was it THE best new restaurant in America? The food, like the atmosphere, was casual and not too pretentious. We sampled one item from each section of the menu, plus two desserts and everything was super flavorful and unique and comforting at the same time — kind of like Southern food prepared with a Thai approach?
We had a fun time, line and all. But then we always do.

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