And We’re Back

Tsitsikamma National Park Tsitsikamma National Park

We’ve been on holiday in South Africa the past couple of weeks, getting lost on terrible unpaved, unmarked roads, searching in vain for fresh fish markets (the great mystery of South Africa), avoiding crazy drivers and highway pedestrians, camping in remotely beautiful places, snapping thousands of photos of wildlife (and most of those elephants and monkeys), getting caught in a crazy wind storm and getting sandblasted because of it on the beach, meeting amazing people and having an impromptu psychic reading… So many memories to share and stories to tell.

I hope to squeeze in a few posts from our trip in between moving this week. We are finally moving into our new place and even though we moved a good amount before we left for South Africa, the worst part is always the end when everything gets stuffed in trash bags and sits unsorted for months in some hidden part of the house.

But for now, a few photos mid-journey, taken on a secluded beach after a short hike in Tsitsikamma where we holed up in a tiny forest hut and waited out a relentless rain storm.

More to come…(hopefully)

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