and so it begins

spent today shopping–mainly just looking around for furniture for the new place. then not feeling really inspired and second guessing moving once again.

went over to S’ place around 4 and we spent the afternoon making pizza and playing w/her dog. I got to vent about all the roomie things that have bothered me, and we ended up talking about relationships and SF and just pretty much everything. so it was cool to get out, and cool to not have to hang out with my roomies.

came home and noticed that everything was packed up. it was kind of the feeling I had when i realized that my 2 roomies took down the snowflakes that we had made, and that scb and I put up. It was that empty feeling of wishing you could hold on to a piece of something that had already passed.

It sucks. I guess i should be happy they did the packing. but it sucks bc i had wanted to take pictures of this place while it still looked lived in. oh well. i guess theres no point in that either. the picture will never be the same as the memory.

and btw, S agrees with me that Wormy Lips is gross. so there.

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