And in contrast…

this is the latest email from the 22yr old I met in vegas. There are so many things wrong with this scenario – like what 22 yr old guy, do you meet drunk, in vegas, for one night, keeps in contact with you after the fact, especially given you don’t live in the same town?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember 22yr olds being anything but douchebags.

I had a couple bites [of the $40 hamburger we ordered via room service–story to come later]. Im not sure of the timeline of the evening. I remember I was walking to my room(dont know If I was by myself or what) and you yelled something at me…I think I got your number and called you and then came down to your room. Then I decided to go get my friend cuz I needed a wingman. He was drunk but not nearly as wasted as you or me. Im not sure when I passed out but when I woke up, me and you continued to drink the giant vodka redbull I came with. Then your friends passed out and it was just me and you. At some point after kissing for a bit I went back to my room. Limiting alcohol intake might have been a good idea if we were not in Vegas but I had a ball so it was worth it.

You know what, we were talking about the longhorns I think…not baseball. Anyway, you keep talking about Texas like the greatest place in the world….not so much. Oh and YL is like 10 minutes from disneyland to put it in prospective. were your friends really drunk? Ask them for some details cuz Id like to know what went down.

When you coming to southern cali?

did he really ask me when I’m coming to southern cali?

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