Almost Friday


It’s been a long week — the kind where you lose track of time and every day either feels like a Monday or a Friday, but by feeling like Friday I mean like you’ve worked enough hours that it feels like the week should be over already.Just in case you were thinking I was abnormally happy about loving the coming of Winter and being cold and all that — there are a *few* downsides. It’s dark and gray all the time. I don’t mind this except when I have to work later than usual and it feels like midnight instead of just 6 pm. And then there’s all the thoughts that accompany the darkness — because for some reason night time (in particular right as I’m trying to fall asleep) is when my mind runs wild. Nothing deep or dark (mostly just stupid) but sometimes I just wish my brain would shut up and leave me alone to watch my crappy tv.

So — a photo of bright, cheerful flowers to get me through to next week…to this Friday…to just today.

ps–on a lighter note: we have been going groupon/livingsocial crazy over here. I think we have enough meal coupons to last us a couple weeks. Also: I bought some groupons for a local bikram (my fav) studio. Sly is in for a treat.

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