All moved in, no place to go

san francisco // glen park

We are moved in to our little house in Glen Park, and I must say I’m a bit overwhelmed. It’s been a rocky week since NG moved out here, mostly bc everything has been in flux, and a lot has changed over a very very short amount of time.

For the most part, the change is something I have been looking forward to, as well as a welcome relief. But it’s weird. Last night, I was lying in bed, feeling extremely homesick (not really for the old place in Noe, but more that feeling that I wanted something familiar) and thinking, “My God, it’s really just me and him.”

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, its just a lot to absorb. Unfamiliar place. Unfamiliar living arrangements. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also nervous about it.

In my old living arrangement, he was at *my* house. We also didnt see each other every single day. I had my own space and in the long periods of time when we were separated, I was still more or less on my own. Its going to take some getting used to that its not just “me” anymore. I’m still not sure what that means or how I feel about it.

Hopefully, all of this is just growing pains.

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