Alaska | Sitka – The city

Sitka was really really small. As in we literally walked end-to-end and saw every single site, museum, and park in-between in the span of less than a day. If we had wanted, we could have walked from the airport, across the bridge, and into town.

But Sitka was a charming little town with cute little shops, an old ice cream fountain, Russian Orthodox churches, and saloon-style Victorian hotels. We spent half the day hiking in the forest, and the other half wandering around town half-heartedly checking out the souvenir shops and searching for a Russian Princess’ grave. We made reservations for a late dinner at a tiny fine dining organic/local restaurant, but we never made it back out. Once back in our motel room, we made the fatal decision to ‘take a nap.’ We didn’t wake up until the next morning.SitkasitkasitkaSitkaSitka

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