A little video from Richmond

a confession: even though richmond is the capital of virginia, we knew very little about it. my knowledge of richmond mostly derived from all the times we drove by (on the highway) on our way from atlanta to home. i knew a lot happened during the civil war (my knowledge being vague at best), but couldn’t tell you a single thing about it present day.

we loved richmond. we loved the empty streets, the historic buildings. we loved cheap hotels found on priceline and free parking. we loved historic dollar theatres, beautiful art museums, and so many cheap and good eats. we were completely taken by surprise by richmond and we loved it.


richmond richmondrichmond richmond

We took a little break last weekend since it was a bit longer than usual, and headed down to Richmond. We have always been curious about this town having driven past it on more than one occasion and wondering to ourselves what the heck there was to do in Richmond.

Richmond was such a strange little town – a mix of an old industrial city, a richness of history and amazingly preserved architecture. On top of this: a river, lots of green space, an art ‘scene,’ a crop of new restaurants, and vintage shops galore.

The first day we were there, the weather was quite balmy for February (mid-60s), then the next morning, it snowed and snowed and snowed – it didn’t stop snowing all day. The last day there, cold and sunny with the snow quickly melting away.

We weren’t expecting it, but we both really loved it here.

production note: photos and videos taken w/android phone and edited in microsoft movie maker. Song is “Heartbeat (Take it Away)” by the Dum Dum Girls, who we saw in concert in DC recently.

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