A day in the life of Max

Max has grown accustomed to sleeping with us, at night. Unfortunately, being a playful little boy, he likes to play with all his toys throughout the night, including a very annoying ball in a track/ring. He also enjoys biting Sly’s toes.

By the time morning arrives, Max can usually be found cuddled up next to us, or in his favorite spot, between the both of us. Max has already learned and responds to his name, but he is still developing (we think) his voice, so when we greet him in the morning, he only opens his mouth, and a baby bird sound comes out. He makes up for this by purring louder than any kitty I’ve ever met. So far, a sweet, and very inquisitive little guy…it’s crazy how much he is growing, even since the time we first adopted him.

Morning, Max!

Little snow leopard wants his belly rubbed

purring loudly

little paws

Max spends most of his day following me, and avoiding Pandora, although every now and then he peeks his head through the stair rails to determine if Pandora is asleep…then sneaks down to check out the huge picture window. He has already become a little shadow, following me everywhere, and wanting to be with us no matter where we are.

where’s Pandora?

is the coast clear?

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