A break

Max loves wearing my slippers... well at least one of them anyway. #catsofinstagram #ilovemycat #kitty #cute #warm smoking up some brisket - to be eaten with homemade "rudy's sause" #texashomecooking #texasstyle #texasbbq #bbq #smoker #smokedmeat @ayadared

I only took two photos this past weekend: one of Max and one of food. (Actually, two photos of food, but one I forced Sly to take on his phone since mine was dead).

If you can’t tell, we had  a pretty boring weekend.

But boring in a good way. I like boring. Boring in that we stayed home, organized our fridge, went to the grocery store (finally), caught up on crappy tv, rescued Max from the window ledge (he jumped on it again…bad), made our lunches for the week and cooked a lot (sly, not me). We were good little suburbanites.

Boring lets us catch up on things we ‘keep meaning to do’ even if the things that we never seem to accomplish include painting/anything DIY/anything home-related and/or anything involving real things that need to get done like cleaning/organizing. This weekend we tried out our electric smoker — a wedding gift given to us nearly three years ago that we never opened. Dear wedding gift giver: the smoker was awesome. In cleaning out our freezer we discovered a brisket (??) so we threw that in there, set the timer, and hours later we had true Texas-style brisket eaten with homemade bbq sauce and slaw.

Another freezer find: a hunk of venison given to Sly by his coworkers who are hunters. We were a bit afraid it would be freezer burned since we sorta forgot about it being in there, but we put it in a slow cooker, added some wine and veg, and a day later — amazing!

And finally — our discovery of the weekend — the seafood restaurant/counter at Whole Foods which had a pretty great bowl of saffron infused bouillabaisse, chock-full of seafood for only $12.  After all this time searching for a decent seafood place in the DC area and so far the best we’ve found is tucked away inside a Whole Foods next to the produce aisles.

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  • funnelcloud rachel
    September 23, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Can totally relate to this weekend and the pressure of needing to catch up on house projects, but at the same time wanting to get out and explore and enjoy the nice weather. We’ve been putting off some ‘keep meaning to do’ tasks for 5 years. Homeownership isn’t easy. 🙁

    Seafood suggestion: After YEARS of searching for a fish market in this area, we discovered America Seafood in Arlington a few years ago. It’s a hole-in-the-wall mom & pop shop. If you cook, you can buy fresh fish, but they also have amazing made-to-order fried shrimp po’ boy sandwiches! (And their soups sound good too, but I haven’t tried them yet, since I’m always too full from stuffing my face with po’ boys…) They’re closed on Sundays, but it’s a great spot for a Saturday lunch, especially if you are on your way in/out of the city or if you spend the morning/afternoon hiking around nearby Potomac Overlook.

  • veronika
    September 24, 2013 at 1:31 am

    Thanks for the seafood suggestion — we will def. check it out! Ever since moving here we have been so confused as to why the DC Metro Area lacks a decent fish market and simple, fresh, casual seafood restaurants, esp. given its proximity to the water…one of the great mysteries of DC, I suppose.