lose me?

I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling like the odd man out since I’m not there as much as you guys so I’ve been generally feeling weird about work there. I get the impression J (other coworker) isn’t too fond of me when it comes down to it and, I guess, I’m worried that I’ll ‘lose you’ to the new guy and go back to being alone there.

DJ wrote that. Overly sensitive as usual. “Lose me?” As if. Like Im really going to pick sides at work. Like I really hang out w/Beenie outside of work. Like I’d take a trip to Monterey w/23-yr old frat boy Beenie. I like him and all, but not sure I’d chill w/him and his bros outside of work.

So, yeah, I decided to go to Monterey w/DJ, even though the only times Ive been there were when I was with my exes…its slightly strange, but i feel ok about it. We’ll see. Road trips to romantic places are pretty bizarre and intimate things to be doing w/coworkers.

There is this client we work with — he’s part of a larger design firm that does some techy stuff for us. Anyway, DJ met w/this firm a while back and is now obsessed w/the idea that I’d like one of the guys. Maybe he’s just judging how I’ll react or something, or wants some sort of validation.

At any rate–this mystery guy who DJ is convinced I will like, emailed me today. Quite out of the blue, I must say. Ive never met him, Ive never worked 1×1 w/him, and I usually dont even deal w/him (as thats more DJs speciality). Yet for some strange reason, he was chosen to as the messenger of info from their office–even though I usually communicate w/this one lady in particular.

Im only bringing this up not bc I think this is some twist of fate that means we (me and the other designer) are destined to be together. It was simply to note that DJ was suspicious of the whole coincidence. Now Im sure he thinks it was some master plan. Again, its amusing. And now with all this talk, I want to know who the hell this mystery guy is.

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