not a match

omg I wish i could post some of these profiles. some are really priceless…in a very unfortunate way.

In my spare time I usually work-out 3-4 times per week,I really enjoy dancing at different night clubs. Im a real womanizer at the dance floor when my fast legs get the music sound.

Dear lord if you could only see the accompanying picture…taken in a mirror, no less.

or this:
…The other part of me wants to find that inexperrienced young lady. I waited untile I was 22 to give up my verginity, which was not easy. I want to have fun & be sensual. I’d like friendship but already have enough friends. Part of me is looking for that special woman who wants a beutiful, yet ruged Boy Toy. The other part of me wants some serieous relationship in the future. My ultamite pleasure would be to find a beautiful woman with family in Australia or who is from Australia. San Francisco is small so I don’t expect this to happen. I need to be with a lady or woman who’s not scared to try new things & who has an income to cover any bills she has because I can’t even realy take care of my own but I some how always manage. (Accompanying picture is of guy in a tree–not hanging, but lying in a tree the way a lion would)

and this is only the tip of the iceberg
priceless, i tell you. absolutely priceless.

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