we got the test results back and it’s worse than we expected, altho I had been anticipating the worst: our kitty has cancer and it has spread to all of her organs. It is untreatable. . We can get her medication to help with the symptoms, but other than that, we don’t know how much time she has left since her liver is practically non-functioning.

Yet through it all, our cat hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. She still jumps into trash cans, paws at our food, growls when she wants something, and purrs when she is content. If she weren’t 14 years old, I wouldn’t have guessed anything was wrong.

The doctors cannot believe she is even alive, in fact, they are all amazed.

I can’t believe how brave she is.

How can such a fiesty, stubborn, strong-willed, loving spirit be wrapped up in such a furry little package? It’s hard to believe she won’t be around much longer.

She’s not even gone yet, but I miss her already.

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