my first blind date

my first blind date

 Called back guy from P’s Spanish class. Sounds friendly enough, although Im picturing a very businessy type–whole button up long sleeved shirt type thing. But…he did have initiative. If he’s tall and unpeanutty, then it could be alright. He seemed mildly amused by my sense of humor, even if there were moments of silence where I couldnt tell if he was laughing or just embarrassed for me, or just did not get the joke. Oh well, this should be interesting.

Kind of weird chatting like we were long lost friends. Aauuuggh….I dont even know what he looks like!!!!!!! So far I know he’s tall, cute but not hot, smart, funny, nice, not built but not scrawny. And not pasty. I’m guessing dark features? Dark eyes? Blue eyes? But how tall is tall??? How cute is cute??? He also lives in the Marina, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a not too shabby part of town.

All will be resolved tomorrow…when we meet…for lunch. He’s supposed to call me in the morning to make arrangements. Whole doing lunch thing connotes business-like meeting or some society luncheon where we’ll be eating like watercress sandwiches and drinking tea. And most importantly, the hell am I going to wear? Its daytime. Its Thursday. Its lunch. Its a blind date.

I guess THE TOP is out of the question, huh?

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