5 hrs

…scb will be here…

i guess it annoys me somewhat that one of his friends is picking him up, that they’ll probably go out for drinks, that tomorrow is all tied up with other friend activities, that he called to tell me that he wanted to hang out saturday, but that probably doesnt mean saturday night b/c hes going to some frat boy concert in oakland.

but im not supposed to be annoyed, b/c i knew this was how it was going to be.

again, nothing he ever does surprises me anymore. predictable to a T. I bet I could tell you exactly what he did, where he went, and what he ate during his visit in SF. Hell, I bet I could even tell you what he wore.

For example, Ive noticed that when scb wants to come off as a coolboy, he wears a baseball cap (turned backwards of course) and a puka shell necklace (typical frat boy garb). betcha a million bucks thats what he’s wearing right now.

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