Its so nice to have a distraction at work. My little office crush. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to him now, but I swear to god we keep running into each other or catching each others eye in the most random places and the most coincidental of ways. He works on the opposite side of my floor. I rarely see anyone from that side, as it is like another world over there. Yet, strangely, we manage to see each other at least once a day. Even in passing–like if Im in the breakroom, and hes on his way down the stairs, we’ll turn and look in the others direction, catch each others eye, kind of give one another a look of acknowledgment, and then quickly look away.

At any rate, for .09 seconds of the day, my heart goes pitter patter. And when things are shit at work, at least I have that.

C and I determined that we need to create a website for when guys decide to reenlist in the singles market. Whenever an eligible guy breaks up w/his gf, he should be required to put his name on the list. After about 3 months, a status report/rating will appear next to said eligible guy’s name. An “R” rating means the guy is still on the rebound. An “F” rating means the guy has already gone through his rebound fling and is ready to consider a new relationship. This is the prime moment to swoop in and seize the opportunity. Swoop and Seize.

We concluded that all the eligible guys (and i guess girls) here have moved here with or for their significant others, then remain attached for about 5 years out of comfort and stability and lack of knowing anyone else in a scary, new city. Our new approach involves befriending these eligibles, and then waiting for the moment when they realize that the relationship they had w/their college sweetheart does not fulfill him/her now that they have moved on and grown older.

Anyway, that is what I fantasize about when I should be doing work. B/c of course the fact that my office crush and I not only see each other on a daily basis, BUT MAKE EYE CONTACT is a clear indicator that we are perfect for one another and are only months away from running away togeher to vegas to elope. In 9 months, I’ll be expecting our love child.

Now, if we could just get past the introductions…

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