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Chúc mừng năm mới! | Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Year of the Dog!

We returned from Pyeongchang (more on that later) just in time to celebrate Lunar New Year at home. We debated heading back to Pyeongchang over the long weekend to watch even more Olympics, but since a big part of Lunar New Year is spending time with family, and eating special New Year treats, we decided to ring in the new year once again with our kitties.

My mom sent us a huge care package of homemade Vietnamese New Year’s food that somehow passed customs. My favorite bites include sweet and tangy kiwi and pineapple balls and dried, candied pineapple slices. Sly’s favorite are the crunchy, coated and fried peanuts that my mom told me were called “fish skin.” While it may not sound too appetizing, they are totally addictive. We nearly polished off an entire Tupperware container in one sitting! It’s hard being away from family during this time of the year, but eating my mom’s homemade food always makes me feel as if I’m home again.

Chúc mừng năm mới!

Happy Lunar New Year!


2017 | A Year in Books

Seoul Cafés | Mangwon | Hungo Ringo Bread
I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who read 100 books (or more!) a year, and in 2017, I finally accomplished that goal! To be fair, I read a good number of graphic novels as well as a few short books of poetry, but I felt like I more than made up for it by suffering through my fair share of duds.

Last year, I set a goal of reading 50 books so it was a total surprise that by the time August rolled around, I had already read over 100 books! I was on such a roll and then… I fell off the face of the Earth. It took me months to get back on track and re-establish my reading routine, but by the time December came, I finally started reading again. I couldn’t read anything too serious or too complicated at first — mostly just light reads or easily consumable thrillers — but it felt good to be reading again.

The thing about reading so many books is that one realizes almost immediately which books rise to the top and which books should never have been published. A vast majority fall somewhere in the middle – books that are neither her nor there and/or are not memorable for either good or bad reasons. This was certainly the case this year. Most of the books I read were either just okay, meh, or very average.

Here are the books I read this year that stood out from the pack, good and bad: Continue Reading


Snapshots of January

daegu // january 2018

I think I might be one of the rare few who loves winter. I love the cold weather. I love snow. I love the crispness of winter air. I love how beautiful everything looks dusted in white.

This January was certainly one of the more frigid ones that I can recall since living in Daegu, though nothing compared to winter in Seoul. I kept wishing it would snow more – like really really snow — but it never did. The best we got was a couple inches overnight that froze the river and turned rooftops white.

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Max Goes to the Vet


I have put off writing about Max’s vet visit(s) because these past few months have been filled with stress, worry, and a lot of tears that I haven’t felt like revisiting. A billion scans, tests, visits, and one surgery later, we finally had our test results.

Max’s lump was cancerous.

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Holiday Binge

holidays 2017

first sunrise of 2018

Happy New Year!

We had a very low key, quiet holiday this year that involved binging on Harry Potter movies, Netflix, and food. Here were some of our favorites (plus a few holiday updates):

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Happy Halloween! | My Annual List of Scary Movies IV

Boo. . . . #happyhalloween #halloween #killercritter #mask #halloweencostume

Our Halloween was pretty low key this year. I’m still not feeling 100%, but you better believe I felt well enough to dress my kitties up in Halloween costumes! Don’t worry, they love the “treat” part of “Trick or Treat”. It was also the first time in nearly two months that I really cooked anything beyond a bean and cheese burrito. Instead of gorging on bags of candy, I baked a “Halloween loaf” aka banana pecan nut bread — no pumpkin spice insight — which I think may have to become a new Halloween tradition. It felt good to be back doing something as simple as baking banana bread, and even better eating said bread while watching scary movies.

I know this post is waaaay late as it’s technically not Halloween here in Korea, but as I’m writing this it’s still Halloween back in the States so it still counts! Plus, if you’re like me and love Halloween (my favorite day of the year), then you’ll be celebrating Halloweek instead of just one day!

So without further ado, here’s my annual list of scary Halloween movies:

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Seven Years


One of my favorite things about our anniversary is looking through our wedding photos and remembering all of the special moments from that night. They never fail to put a smile on my face.

I don’t think these photos made it to any wedding books or blog posts but I love that these two photos really capture the fun we had that night, and are so representative of the fun we’ve had together ever since. It’s been an amazing seven years.

Happy Anniversary, Sly!

(more wedding photos here)
(past anniversaries here)

PS: We hired Boxcar Preachers, a local Austin band, to play at our wedding. They were awesome.