Seoul Eats | Myeongdong Street Food & Night Market

    March 27, 2017

    seoul // myeongdang street food and night market

    Nearly two years to the date, we walked around one of Seoul’s most touristy spots, Myeongdong, in the frigid cold with the intention of eating as much street food as possible. My memories of that trip (that I have still yet to blog about) are somewhat hazy, and maybe even a little disappointing. I don’t remember there being a huge variety of food and can only recall eating two notable things: spiral potato on a stick (tornado potato) and a sweet and savory egg-stuffed soft bread roll.

    On our last trip to Seoul, we ate in Myeongdong as often as possible. We took the free shuttle from our hotel (a 10-15 min ride) and indulged in all the trendy, new, constantly changing, Korean street food items. The tornado potato and egg bun were still going strong, but one of the most popular items we saw was fresh seafood topped with cheese, baked until bubbling on a hot grill.
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